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319736 JX PINE Bull Profile

As an A2A2 Beta-Casein and BB Kappa-Casein sire, 7JE1699 JX PINE {6} offers big-time JUI™ (+13.4) and components (+0.13% Fat, +0.14% Protein) along with great fertility traits (+2.8 SCR, +1.9 DPR) to bring the complete package to Jersey enthusiasts! According to Herby Lutz, Select Sires Inc. Jersey Development Manager, “in my mind, JX PINE {6} is the next super star in the Select Sires lineup. Select Sires has had a long list of influential bulls in the Jersey breed population with the likes of DUNCAN, SOONER, BERRETTA, ROCKET, ACTION, JACE, VALENTINO and CHROME. JX PINE {6} has the pedigree and is stamping the daughters to be the next one listed in this group of generational improvers.” He is one of the few JX Frisco {5} sons in AI and Frisco is a JX Harris {4} out of a VG-88% Hilario who was also bred at Ahlem Farms in California USA. The maternal side is what you expect from the master breeder herd Ahlem Farms Partnership with JX PINE {6}’s dam being a VG-87% DIMENSION followed by an EX-93% ACTION, a VG-83% ROCKET, an EX-91% JACE and then an 88% Avery.

Breeders around the world love their JX PINE {6} daughters and the consistency the bull delivers. Pieter van Deventer of Doornvlei Jerseys in South Africa had this to say, “Our first two JX PINE {6} daughters calved in with a bang! They have excellent frame and beautiful udders with production to match their looks. Both cows are producing over 30 liters and were confirmed pregnant at 65 days in milk!”. Lutz continues, “I started seeing daughters in January and quickly realized we had something special as they are so consistent. Great feet and legs with a steep foot and strength all the way through. Not to mention their udders…wow! They have well attached fore udders, high wide rear udders that are carried high above the hock while adding a little teat length.”

To see daughters and for more information on JX PINE {6} check out World Wide Sires New Zealand on Social Media or contact your local Breeding Consultant.


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