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RY Caps

RYCaps® (Rumen Yeast Capsules)

Techmix RYCaps

A Supplemental Source Of Probiotics For Dairy In Capsule Form. 

When cows are off feed, helping them to return to normal intake levels and profitability quickly is the top priority. RYCaps® helps to restore beneficial bacteria in the rumen and encourage dry matter intake any time that normal digestive health has been interrupted. 


Features & Benefits

  • B Vitamins added to support animal health during periods of stress 

  • Live cell yeast improves rumen microflora, stimulates dry matter intake and promotes rumen environment 

  • 6 grams of niacin to help with ketosis prevention 

  • Fermentation extracts to increase cellulolytic bacteria and metabolites and enzymatic activity supporting increased rumen efficiency and enhancing beneficial bacteria  


When To Use 

  • For dairy cows following freshening or calving

  • To encourage dry matter intake

  • To help restore healthy bacterial balance to the rumen  

  • After antibiotic treatment 


Tub Contains 25 Capsules 

 $9.50. Minimum of 25 caps. Contact your local Breeding Consultant for more information or to place an order.

RYCaps® Testimonial

Contact Us.

If you would like more information on our RYCaps®, contact your local Breeding Consultant.

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