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Global recognition for genetics stalwart.

Dyanne Osborne at World Wide Sires celebrating 30 years

The largest genetics company in the world, Select Sires, has officially recognised the contribution of Waikato.

Osborne joined World Wide Sires more than 33 years ago, in 1989, World Wide Sires Area Director of Marketing Brian Albertoni, acknowledging that “it is simply not possible to record the positive impact her knowledge and passion for genetics has had on the New Zealand dairy industry.

“World Wide Sires’ pride in her achievement has been formally recognised on a brick which features in a wall at the entrance to Select Sires’ headquarters in Plain City, Ohio. Her name joins those of other industry leaders and legends whose dedication has delivered enduring value to the global dairy industry.

“In today’s world, remaining at one company for more than 30 years has become very uncommon. Building such a relationship with a company takes loyalty, dedication, hard work and most importantly a passion for the industry and the people you encounter on a daily basis.

“At World Wide Sires, we treasure our long-time team members and recognize them as the heart and soul of our company. Our younger team members look up to the veterans they are surrounded by as they provide irreplaceable experience and knowledge that can only be built over time.”

Dyanne Osborne grew up on her parent’s dairy farm initially training as a school dental nurse before joining her husband Wayne in a 150 cow dairy farm.

The breeding side of things always fascinated her, Dyanne recalling that she and Wayne took over a predominantly Jersey herd and gradually moved across to high producing, North American, Holstein Friesians.

“We discussed each cows’ faults and good qualities and what bulls we could use to improve the herd.

“I never went for the standard and always looked outside the square. I have always been an early adopter; I always look at what’s best for my needs, to see if there is a better way.”

And this – what worked best - was the approach she applied to her clients when she joined World Wide Sires.

Craig Robertson, World Wide Sires’ New Zealand General Manager, said Dyanne Osborne has always been regarded as a trailblazer.

“Her belief in the benefits to be gained from accessing the largest genetic database in the world never dimmed – even during the late 1990s when research comparing the fertility and production of North American Friesians with New Zealand and Irish cows revealed a concerning level of infertility.

“Hindsight confirms that this was largely a result of milking year-round without the breeding pressure associated with seasonal dairying but, at the time, Dyanne stood firm in a well-rounded belief that strategic selection of sires suited to New Zealand, would deliver superior results for her clients.

“And time has proven her to be correct – World Wide Sires sires have some of the best fertility statistics combined with health and production records, available in the world today.”

Craig Robertson said that Osborne’s knowledge, passion and commitment to the industry and her clients has won accolades around the New Zealand and global genetics industry. “She is a vital member of, and role model for, the World Wide Sires team and we celebrate this global recognition.”

Receiving the Award, Dyanne Osborne said “when you are doing something you love, it really doesn’t feel like work at all. It’s nice to be recognized for 30+ years of dedication to World Wide Sires, but the bigger reward is knowing through WWS, I have impacted farmers’ livelihoods around the world through our genetics. It’s a small role I play in a farmer focused organization driven by a mission to impact sustainable food production, animal welfare and farmer profitability.”

o farmer and World Wide Sires breeding consultant, Dyanne Osborne.
o farmer and World Wide Sires breeding consultant, Dyanne Osborne.


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