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WWS Heat Detection

Heat Detection Products

Our range of cost effective heat detectors allow farmers to better manage their herd’s in-calf rates and subsequent farm profitability.

HEAT SEEKER™ is the latest self-adhesive heat detector in our range.

Utilising the patented ‘Channel and Chamber’ technology, HEAT SEEKER™ delivers an unrivalled combination of sticking power and ease of application not seen before in self-adhesive heat detectors.

  •  Available in 3 bright colours for practical herd management.

  •  Design reduces false positives.

  •  Easy to interpret progress of oestrus.

  •  Superior self-adhesive strength.

  •  Moulds easily over the cow’s backbone.

  •  Large surface area for better adhesion.

  •  One person application.

  •  Available in packets of 20 and 100.

WWS Heat Seeker

Patch progress when HEAT SEEKER™ is activated

WWS Heat Seeker progress

Beacon is always in the process of improving upon its range of heat detection devices to assist farmers in reducing missed heats.

After extensive research and field trials, Beacon has improved upon the features of its ScratchE™ range of label based heat detectors.

ScratchE™ has a protective top layer which is ‘rubbed’ off by the mounting activity of herd mates. When this occurs, a bright under layer is revealed which clearly indicates a standing heat.

  •  Indicates amount of bulling activity.

  •  Superior self-adhesive strength.

  •  5 bright colours.

  •  Moulds easily over the cow’s backbone.

  •  Quick and easy one person application.

  •  Economical and reliable.

  •  Convenient strips of 5 patches.

  •  Available in packets of 50.

WWS Beacon Scratche

Patch progress when ScratchE™ is activated

WWS Scratche Progress

Better manage your herd’s in-calf rates and subsequently the profitability of your farm.

Contact your local Breeding Consultant for more information on our heat detection products or click the link below and fill out a form for more information.

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