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Scott and Kelly Jamieson Testimonial

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Oroua Downs, Manawatu

Farm: 120 hectares effective

Herd: 300 Friesian cows

Production: 442kgms per cow (2021/2022)

Farm system: 2-3

Scott and Kelly Jamieson took over the family farm fifteen years ago, Scott recalling the herd was “predominantly New Zealand genetics. It was a good herd but we were concerned about the narrow genetic pool and wanted outcross genetics, so we started using World Wide Sires.

“Straight away – at the first calving – we noticed the vigour of the calves, they got up straight after being born, were well conditioned and strong. We were very happy and, year on year, we’ve continued to be impressed with World Wide Sires calves.”

“Our oldest World Wide Sires cows are now five years old and overall the cows coming through have great udders – that’s a stand-out. They are a better conformed type of cow with a really good cell count. We’ve noticed that they go from strength to strength in their second and third year in the herd – milk solid production has improved and across the board they have a stronger frame and are more robust. They’re not an overly big cow but we’re confident their strength will mean they last in the herd.”


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