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David & Michelle Cathie

David & Michelle Cathie

David and Michelle Cathie

Patiki Road,



Farm                                    74 hectares effective        

Herd                                    220 Friesians

Production                          Average 580kgms per cow

Farm system                      3 to 4



“We own two farms in Taranaki, milking a total of 435 Friesian cows, and were becoming concerned at the type of calf we were getting each year. They were getting too small and we were getting a relatively high attrition rate – not lasting in the herd,


The breeding statistics behind each World Wide Sires’ bull is pretty impressive – daughter proven sires have thousands of production records behind them, and genomic sires are selected from the largest genomic database in the world. That depth of information gave us confidence to make the switch.


We are on the right track to get the herds we want – well framed, strong cows with great udder support. Our aim is to have heifers which average 2 milk solids per day in the peak. Currently our three year olds average 2.4 with some around 2.7 milk solids per day.


The difference between the New Zealand bred cows and World Wide Sires is pretty obvious – in the paddock and in the vat.”



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