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Nick & Lucy Gilbert Testimonial

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Winchmore, Canterbury

Farm: 180 hectares

Herd: 600 mainly pedigree Jersey (80 Holsteins and 6 Ayrshires)

Production: Average 400kgms per cow.

Farm system: 2

Nick and Lucy Gilbert are the fifth generation of the Gilbert family to breed and milk pedigree Jerseys at the family’s 180 hectare farm at Winchmore in mid Canterbury.

“Dad has always been a believer in North American/World Wide Sires’ genetics especially when it comes to Jerseys because they promote the dairy characteristics most commercial farmers want in their herds – strong conformation which ensures they last in the herd, well supported udders capable of producing volume and fantastic temperaments.

“Their udders don’t blow out; it’s not uncommon to have 10 year old cows in the herd which still get in calf every spring and produce well. Our oldest cow currently is 16 years old.”

“If you put World Wide Sires’ Jersey calves alongside their New Zealand contemporaries the difference would be stark – stronger, more robust with great colour and temperament.”

Nick Gilbert said the quality of their herd generates demand for the “the sale of young stock. Our bull calves are always in demand too from farmers who want quality, well-tempered bulls as tail-end for their heifers.”


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