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Collette Steiner and Leigh Garner Testimonial

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Contract milkers for Eastwick Farms, Ashburton.

Farm:145 hectares effective

Herd: 550 Friesian cows

Production: Average 500kgms to 530kgms per cow

Farm system: 4

Collette Steiner and Leigh Garner contract milk for Matthew and Trudy Holmes on their 145 hectare dairy platform on the outskirts of Ashburton.

The couple are in their fifth season on the farm, Collette recalling that farm owners, Mathew and Trudy Holmes, moved to World Wide Sires in 2021.

“Our WWS Rep (Jess) takes a personal interest in the herd, is very knowledgeable in relation to the best genetics for a desired outcome and is always available to talk to – which is so important at peak times of the year.

“If I ever have queries, I know I can ring her and get the advice I need. And knowing she has a personal interest and passion for the herd means I will often send her a photo of, say, the calves knowing that she will appreciate it and respond.”

“It’s been an easy year in the calf shed and on the farm with the WWS progeny and we’re looking forward to watching them grow and, eventually, come into the herd.”


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