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Shane and Beata Quigley Testimonial

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Maronan, Ashburton

Farm:130 hectare dairy platform, 160 hectare runoff (young stock winter grazing and cropping)

Herd: 440 Friesian cows

Production: 510kgms per cow (2020/2021)

Farm system: 3

The Quigley family moved to World Wide Sires in 2021 – a decision lead to some extent by their Breeding Consultant, Jessica Fabian.

“We had worked with Jess for some years prior to her joining World Wide Sires,” Shane Quigley recalls. “She knew our cows and our farming goals and is as passionate about genetics as we are.”

Shane and Beata milk 440 A2 cows on the Maronan farm and work closely with the family farm run by Shane’s father and other manager, Blair, who’s farm also moved across to World Wide Sires in 2021.

“Our cows were getting quite tall and we wanted to use moderately sized bulls to keep stature moderate. Overall our breeding objective is to produce strong functional cows, which are predominantly black and white, A2, have good temperaments, produce well and last in the herd.

“World Wide Sires was able to meet all those requirements; they’ve got a good range of A2 bulls.”

The first World Wide Sires are now on the ground and Shane says they’re “brilliant – little beasts to be fair! Getting good calves has never been a problem but in past years you would pick out the good ones. Now you stand back and look at them as a herd and it’s hard to pick a bad one!

“The World Wide Sires calves are consistent – in terms of markings and vigour. They were incredibly easy to rear and are growing well. We’re pleased.”


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