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Darryl, Ann and Kay Roberts Testimonial

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

King Country

Farm: 60 hectares effective

Herd: 160 Friesian cows

Farm system: 2, Once a day with all replacements at home plus beef stock to 100kg

Darryl and Ann Roberts, and their daughter Kay, milk 160 Friesian cows at their low input King Country farm.

Darryl recalls they changed to World Wide Sires across the entire herd “five years ago. We wanted pure Friesian bulls – F16 – and hadn’t been getting that.

“All our bull calves go to rearers at 100kg and they wanted pure Friesian. We also wanted genetics which would give us better udders. Prior to moving across to World Wide Sires it wasn’t uncommon for heifers to have uneven udders – up in front and down at the rear.”

The oldest World Wide Sires are now five years old, and have been milking for three years. Darryl and Ann are pleased with them. “They are more solid, have very quiet temperament and last longer in the herd. We’re really pleased with their fertility too – our empty rate was 6% last year.


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