Tash & Trevor Robins

Tash and Trevor Robins’ case study


Farm 123 hectares

Herd 320 Friesian

Production 450kgms 2018/2019 – aiming for 500+kgms

Farm system 1-2 (grass with a little in-shed feeding)

Tash and Trevor Robins were 50/50 sharemilking 1000 cows before they purchased their Tapanui farm in 2016.

“Milking such a high number of cows enabled us to be selective about the cows we sold to finance the farm purchase. Originally the herd was all LIC but we’d been unhappy with the type of cow we were breeding, they had poor udders and weren’t lasting in the herd. That made us think there had to be an alternative, and that’s when I started looking at overseas genetics,” Tash Robins said.

“Moving to our own farm meant we’d be milking less cows (than we had been when share-milking) and every cow has to perform and last in the herd.

“I did a lot of research before we made the change. I read a lot of catalogues and, when I narrowed the search to World Wide Sires, talked to our local breeding consultant, Louise Tupoutoa. Her knowledge and readiness to listen to what we wanted to achieve resulted in a tailored line-up of sires, each year, which is delivering our ideal cows.

“The bulls that Louise recommended have been totally fantastic. She understood our vision for better traits, udder, feet, smaller stature and more production.

We have used World Wide Sires for the last four years and I can say the offspring are amazing and exactly what we want.

“The make-up of the herd is around 80% Friesian with the balance cross-bred. The farm gets wet in winter so we’ve gone for moderately sized cows.

“Last season the cows averaged 450kgms but we’re aiming for around 500+kgms.

“Moving to World Wide Sires was absolutely the right thing to do. We’re getting great genetics backed by fantastic service. You can’t ask for more than that.”

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