Jamie Taylor and Donna Manley

Jaimie Taylor and Donna Manley


Farm 117 hectares effective

Herd 320 cows (80% Holstein, 10% Jersey, balance crossbred)

Production 450kgms

Jamie Taylor and Donna Manley have been 50/50 sharemilkers on the Taranaki farm for eight years.

“The original herd was mainly New Zealand genetics with a bit of overseas thrown in. When we moved to the bigger farm we bought-in a number of cows which were also New Zealand bred,” Jamie said.

“We didn’t feel New Zealand bulls were commercial enough for what we wanted to achieve. We run a System 2 operation and needed cows which were structurally sound and strong, which got in calf easily and which produced well.

“World Wide Sires had the commercial sire line-up we were after to generate more consistency and continuity in the herd.

“We’re continuing the mix of Holstein and Jersey but wanted to improve the size and strength of the Jerseys in particular.

“Overall we were looking for more strength in the cows and improvement in their overall type. We’re trying to keep production up of course because that’s what pays the bills but we need cows which will calve, produce and last in the herd and that’s what we’re getting now.

“We are milking some Moguls and Supersires and next year we will see a good number of 2 year olds come into the herd. Our oldest World Wide Sires’ cows are now 4 years old and we are really pleased with them – they start well as heifers and just get better.

“The herd is averaging 450kgms per cow on a property which is wet in winter and spring and tends to dry out in summer. We’re happy with current production but will continue to up the game every year now we’ve got the right cows coming in as replacements.”

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