Bull Profile – JX Spring Creek STONEY {3}

Written by Craig Robertson, Manager of Sales & Marketing NZ.

JX STONEY is quickly becoming a household name for Jersey farmers and breeders around the world, New Zealand being no exception.

At the time of writing this article, STONEY is number 1 for proven JPI at 163 points, a position he’s held since his first daughter proof. He also is the highest active overseas Jersey sire available in New Zealand with a BW of 191/46, confirming that he is one of the best genuine outcross options for BW oriented Jersey breeders here.

The sire owes his origins to the Spring Creek stud, located in Hixton, Wisconsin, an outlier in a region dominated by black & whites. It seems only fitting that a breed outlier such as STONEY should originate in such a region.

STONEY was born in early July 2016, sired by JX MARLO, a HILARIO son out of an EX-92 point Forest Glen Action-ET daughter. On his maternal side, his dam is an EX-90 ALLSTAR who completed six lactations giving 96,516lbs (43,871kgs) of milk at an average of 6.0% fat and 3.9% protein, then out of a VG-88 Q-Impuls.

STONEY is the only Jersey available in North America with greater than +0.50% combined PTA fat & protein percent coupled with positive milk volume, which comes as no surprise when looking at his dam’s record. At EX-90 his ALLSTAR dam was also not bad on the eye, being described by Tim Baumagatner, former Select Sires Sire Analyst and well known jersey enthusiast, as being a “tremendously uddered cow. Not a tall framed cow, but was extremely long from end to end and kept getting better each lactation”

As a young genomic sire STONEY sat patiently down the gJPI rankings, before rising to the top once his first crop of daughters came into milk. Herby Lutz Jr., Jersey Development Manager at Select Sires Inc, said “we did not use STONEY as a young bull as a sire father, he was not quite as high ranking as he is now with milking daughters. We have several matings to hopefully yield a few sons being born in the next few months to bring into the program, however. I bet the largest impact you will see with STONEY is through him being on the maternal side of upcoming pedigrees as several of his high daughters we have worked to hopefully make sons.”

Being a “JX” identified sire, when asked about where this influence comes Lutz Jr. described the maternal line as complete and very deep: “His dam is an Allstar out of an Impuls out of a Parade Louie, then Paramount, Jude and Commando – all of which are VG or greater. The JX influence comes from his paternal side, with his paternal grand dam being from the famous Faria Brothers Dairy from Texas, and has gaps in her maternal pedigree.”

Despite the US’s JX connotation, STONEY is a J16 and his progeny are fully registerable as pedigree with JerseyNZ.

World Wide Sires NZ is excited to bring a genuine BW outcross to the market here in New Zealand. With full and transparent proof information from both US & NZ systems available for breeders to utilise when making mating decisions, STONEY is one to look at this spring.

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