Mookie and David head Holstein and Jersey bull rankings in Australian Breeding Values

BULLS from the US have emerged as the clear leaders in the Holstein and Jersey stakes in the latest Australian Breeding Value releases.

World Wide Sires’ Coastal-View Mookie has topped the listings of Holstein bulls with a Balanced Performance Index of 394, well ahead of the next bull, Calister Maebull on 334.

It is the first time Mookie has topped the Australian proven rankings.

ST Genetics Australia’s bull Cogent Supershot debuted on the ABV rankings in third place with a BPI of 325.

In the Jersey rankings, Sunset Canyon David has remained the top bull with a BPI ranking of 265, despite dying more than 12 months ago.

David was well in front of the second best bull, CRV Australia’s Wallacedale Marvarie ET, with a BPI of 185 and ABS Australia’s Wallacedale Melvara on 179.

The top Red Breeds bull is Blackwood Park Blackwood, marketed by AuzRed XB.

It has a BPI of 243, well down on its score of 275 last December.

Genetics Australia’s Beaulands Swannies ET has risen from fifth top Red Breeds bull last December to second place in this release with a BPI of 239.

Last December’s top Red Breeds bull with a BPI of 278, V Foske, has fallen to third spot with a BPI of 228.

World Wide Sires marketing manager Tim Weller said Mookie was “streets ahead” of other Holstein bulls.

Mr Weller said five-year-old Mookie started in the rankings with a BPI of 147 but needed more daughters classified to officially join the ranks.

“He was never selected to be brought in as a young bull in Australia because of his initial BPI ranking,” he said.

“He was brought in because he made cows that farmers wanted — medium sized, good udders, calving ease and high components. It’s those traits that stand out.”

Mr Weller said Mookie was very popular in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

He said there were plenty of farmers in Australia with large numbers of Mookie daughters.

“There are at least three farmers with more than 100 daughters,” he said.

“The oldest daughters are now in their third lactation. He seems to be getting better with age. The future is very, very bright for the bull.”

Mr Weller said Mookie’s semen had a recommended retail price of $26, but packages were available at $22.

Semex Australia national sales manager Vaughn Johnston said Sunset Canyon David had been the top Jersey bull for more than two years.

“That doesn’t happen very often in the modern age of genomics,” Mr Johnston said.

“He’s a long way ahead of the next bull. He sired the junior champion at International Dairy Week this year. He has proven to be one of the best sires in the Jersey breed.”

Mr Johnston said David produced daughters that had proven their worth in the Australian climate.

“He has really good longevity traits that suit Australian farms, which then comes back to scores in overall type and mammary system,” he said. “Then he’s got good milk flow, good milk production and good components to go with it.”

Mr Johnston said at his peak, Semex was selling 20,000 semen doses a year at about $50 a straw.

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