Farmers looking for alternatives

A groundswell of dissatisfaction with cow quality is expected to be evident in demand for a just released catalogue of dairy sires.

Within days of World Wide Sires’ (WWS) 2018 catalogue of sires for commercial Kiwi farmers coming off the press WWS Genetics Manager, Craig Robertson, said they are fielding calls from farmers who, until now, have stuck with BW.

“Our team has received an increasing level of concern amongst commercial farmers that BW doesn’t always deliver a functional cow. We get complaints about size (too small), narrow mouths, sickle hocks and poor udders – all aspects critical for a cow which is going to produce and last in the herd.”

Robertson said these factors are considered when the WWS team of breeding consultants “sit down to select bulls for New Zealand.

“Our lineup of 140 bulls is selected from the largest genetic database in the world. It’s a very lengthy job but we select sires with the traits required by commercial farmers in this country.

“This year’s offering includes the largest team of A2A2 bulls in the country – 78 of the main breeds (Friesian and Jersey) many of which are polled.”

The WWS NZ bull team is predominantly made up of Friesian and Jersey sires but also includes Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn and Guernsey.

Craig Robertson said the other attribute which farmers are keen to harness is personalised, onfarm service.

“Our expert team of breeding consultants are located around the country, providing onfarm service. It’s a factor which is incredibly important to farmers, and one which they value.

“Farmers can also be confident of the M.bovis free status of our bulls thanks to one of the most exhaustive processing, testing and treatment regimes in the world.

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